Natural Resource priority: Increase sustainable farm conservation practices to protect air, soil, and water in agriculture operations

Why is this a concern and what is the location: Urban sprawl is occurring at a rapid rate and agricultural land is at risk. It is important to preserve agricultural land for future generations and incorporate sustainability.

Three Year Goal(s): Foster sustainable farming practices through education and partner cooperation, which will protect natural resources and meet the needs of a growing urban population.


  • Provide technical assistance for 5 of urban ag producers
  • Assess gaps in education efforts for various constituencies within the District
  • Work with local governments on implementing sustainable natural resources policies and increased urban farms
  • Locate new funding opportunities for program
  • Evaluate other equipment share programs to use in development of JCD equipment share program
  • Identify local land use and permit obstacles to installing high tunnels
  • Participate on NACD Urban RPG and develop/distribute technical assistance and grants to districts and urban ag producers


  • Provide technical assistance for 7 of urban ag producers
  • Implement programs for urban ag producers
  • Develop plan to address gaps in education program
  • Research programs for urban ag producers (What does this mean? What type of programs?)
  • Evaluate equipment share program to determine if changes need to be made
  • Complete a cost analysis for Urban Ag Program
  • Work to overcome high tunnel obstacles by amending building permit process¬† k to overcome high tunnel obstacles by amending building permit process¬†¬†


  • Provide technical assistance for 9 urban ag producers
  • Implement education plan addressing program gaps
  • Utilize cost analysis to expand Urban Ag Program
  • Develop model code/ordinance for high tunnel that can be used in other cities