The Jefferson Conservation District is committed to helping people conserve, maintain, and improve our local natural resources and environment. In order to do this, the District has developed a Long Range Plan to guide the Board and Staff in continuing to make decisions that will most effectively address our community’s natural resource concerns.

In 2015, the Board of Directors updated our Long Range Plan to guide the District through 2017.  Priorities are based on land use changes, urban expansion, social, economic, and environmental conditions, as well as feedback from local landowners, producers, partners, and community members. Our efforts will be focused toward the following priorities:

stream_720_380_80_c1Stream Health & Water Quality


Weed Management in Forest, Riparian, and Urbanizing Areas

Soil Health & Natural Pest Control Methods

Forest Health

In order to achieve these goals, we will be working together with partners such as NRCS, CDPHE, Watershed Associations, CGS, Land Owners, and Local governments.

If you have additional natural resource concerns that you would like the District to address, PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY so we can incorporate your needs into future planning:

Local Work Group Survey