The Jefferson Conservation District addresses a variety of natural resource concerns in Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin Counties along Colorado’s Front Range.

These issues are always intertwined, and JCD considers all aspects of resource management when undertaking a project. So, everything we do tends to fall into multiple “program areas” or disciplines. Still, we can categorize our work into a few general areas, and we have a page on this website for each of them.


Forest Health

The risk of wildfire and other disturbance is tied to the health of Front Range forests. A healthy forest is one that is diverse and resilient to natural disturbance like fire, insects and disease. JCD undertakes projects to increase species and age-class diversity on private lands and promote a robust, resilient forest in a variety of forest types.

Noxious Weeds and Native Species

Forests, stream corridors, and agricultural lands in the District all suffer to some degree from infestation by invasive weeds like Russian knapweed, mullein, and Canada thistle. JCD and our partners, including NRCS and CSU Extension, provide technical assistance and educational resources to landowners and communities about how to handle invasive species issues. JCD also sells a native grass seed mix for use between 6,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level.

Urban Agriculture

JCD offers technical assistance to urban farmers, with the broader goal of developing a food system that meets the needs of the local community and ensures food security. JCD can assist with all technical aspects of urban agriculture, including backyard and community gardening, small acreage farming, animal husbandry,  installing high tunnels, developing a business model, and more.