leafyspurgeWhat are Noxious Weeds?

Noxious weeds are invasive, often non-native, plants that grow aggressively and out-compete higher quality native vegetation, degrading our natural and agricultural lands.

How Can JCD Help?

Noxious weeds are a significant concern on the Front Range. The District helps to identify noxious weeds, and provide landowners and communities with educational resources on how to effectively manage their noxious weed issues.


Using Native Plants to Manage Weeds

Utilizing native plants as part of the restoration process is an often over-looked step in weed management. Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions, and are typically more resistant to drought and disease. Native plants offer numerous other benefits such as providing food and habitat for wildlife, preventing soil erosion, and protecting water quality.

For this reason, the District offers native grass and wildflower seed mixes, designed specifically for our region.

Follow this link for more information on our native seed sales.

For a list of Colorado’s Noxious Weeds, click here.

Visit the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture’s website to find fact sheets for all listed Noxious Weed species in the state.


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