Jefferson Conservation District


Garrett Stephens

Conservation Forester

Garrett joined JCD staff in 2014 to support the forest conservation program. He's had a variety of work experiences in the Midwest and Western states in back-country leadership and natural resource management. He earned a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Greenville College in 2008 and a M.S in Ecology from Colorado State University in 2014.

Frank Falzone

Conservation Forester

Frank joined the JCD team as a Conservation Forester in 2017. He has experience working with a local land trust, in addition to a background in timber and noxious weeds. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Resources from the University of Minnesota in 2014.

Maria Bumgarner

Agriculture Conservation Coordinator

Maria joined the District  with over 12 years of experience in horticulture, design and agriculture planning. She is a master community gardener, and teaches a variety of vegetable gardening classes. She works with both our urban agriculture  and noxious weed management programs. She has a degree from Colorado State University in Forestry with a concentration in Fire Science and is a ISA certified arborist.

Emily Zeller

District Manager

Emily joined the District in May 2016. She has a background in restoration ecology, wildlife surveys, and environmental science, and also has experience with program management and administration. Emily has a undergraduate degree in Biology and an MS in Environmental Science, both from Indiana University.


Board of Supervisors

  • Karen Berry, President
  • Don Moore, Treasurer
  • Janet Bell
  • Gayle Gordon
  • Nancy Zorensky
  • Celia Greenman
  • Julio Iturerria
  • Cathy Begej
  • Liz Weber