JCD Expands Forestry Program by Welcoming 2 Staff Foresters

Jefferson Conservation District (JCD) works to address natural resource concerns on private land in Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties.

In recent years JCD's forestry program has grown significantly with the goal of addressing forest health concerns, particularly high-severity wildfire. Through the delivery of technical assistance and project management services, JCD has assisted landowners in addressing these concerns by implementing forest restoration projects on more than 1,000 acres of forested land since 2010. With over 400 acres of projects currently underway and more in the planning phases, it’s clear that many landowners want to be proactive about mitigating the impacts of high-severity wildfires if they are to occur.

The JCD forestry program was launched by Joseph Hansen in 2010.

Joseph left JCD in December of 2016 to pursue a graduate degree after 6 years of spearheading program efforts and establishing the foundation on which these projects now flourish. His work continues with Garrett Stephens, who worked alongside Joseph for the last three years of his tenure. With the growing interest in JCD programs and significant increase in number of acres being treated on private lands, JCD has been fortunate enough to continue adding new staff members to the team.

This year, JCD hired two new Conservation Foresters, Frank Falzone and Samantha (Sam) Delfing .

Frank joined the staff in April and Sam was brought on in September. The rest of the staff is excited to have two new team members to continue the mission of JCD by addressing natural resource concerns in the Front Range of Colorado.

JCD is fortunate to be able to grow their staff with the help of partners such as the Colorado State Conservation Board (CSCB) and the American Forest Foundation (AFF), who have provided funding to support these new positions.

JCD’s partnership with CSCB and AFF, as well as longstanding partner the Natural Resources Conservation Service, are critical to JCD’s success and ability to address the natural resource concerns facing private landowners in this area.