2016 From Our Lands to Your Hands

The 2016 FIRST ANNUAL From Our Lands to Your Hands event was a success!

Over 300 students attended this interactive event to learn about agriculture, which included 12 stations offering fun activities for the kids and important lessons to be learned about conservation, agriculture, and natural resources.

Denver Urban Gardens taught students about worm composting. Students got to see compost material at different stages of decomposition, and got to play with some worms, too!
CSU Extension had a candling exhibit, where students could see into the inside of a fertilized egg. Students were amazed to see the embryo moving around!
Colorado Corn taught students about the different types of corn produced in CO.
Jeffco Open Space showed students how to paint with different types of soil, teaching them about what soil is made out of and why it can be all different colors! Students made some great paintings with soil, and had fun too!
Colorado Beef Council presented about the different types of cows used for beef production!