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"To provide leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve,
maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment

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About JCD

Conservation districts are a local form of government that grew out of the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Originally called “Soil Conservation Districts,” they were formed …

Native Seed Sales

NATIVE PLANTS AND WEED MANAGEMENT JCD sells native grass and wildflower seed mixes, designed for a variety of soil types and plant communities Using native plants in your landscaping application can …

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Annual Dinner – End of Summer Soiree

End of Summer Soiree – Annual Dinner and Intern Graduation Event August 9, 2017 Don’t miss out on this fun-filled dinner, with delicious food and locally brewed beers available for …

JCD’s Approach to Forestry

In close partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, JCD approaches forestry from a multi-resource benefit perspective. Our actions in the forest seek to account for and benefit as many …