Who We Are & What We Do

Jefferson Conservation District (JCD), one of 76 conservation districts in Colorado, is a local unit of state government that works to provide a local voice on natural resource issues, and works collaboratively with private landowners, residential communities, and local, state and federal government entities to conserve the natural resources of Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties of Colorado’s Front Range.

Conservation districts grew out of the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Originally called “Soil Conservation Districts,” they were formed to bring landowners together to protect against widespread soil erosion. Since then, their missions have evolved to include conservation of all natural resources, such as water, land, air, vegetation, and wildlife.

JCD’s current focus areas include forest ecology and wildfire risk mitigation, noxious weed management, and urban agriculture.

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JCD invited the Jefferson County Commissioners on a tour of our forest restoration project sites to talk to them about our unique forestry program and how we are addressing the needs of the District.

Thank you to the Commissioners for joining us! 

JeffCo Commissioners

Jefferson County Commissioners Szabo, Tighe, and Rosier touring one of the forest restoration projects managed by JCD.

Read our Long Range Plan here, or follow this link to see the PDF version.